The Killingly Energy Center will provide strong, tangible benefits to the local community and its economy. 


One of the largest tax payers in the community. The Killingly Energy Center will be one of the largest tax payers in the community. Expecting to pay the Town millions every year on average, the project could result in lowering tax rates or providing other important Town services or infrastructure improvements. 

Jobs. Numerous job opportunities will be provided for the residents of Killingly and the surrounding communities as a result of this project, with 250-350 jobs during construction and 25-30 high wage, full time jobs once operational. NTE will maxmize the use of local labor, service providers and subcontractors during construction and operation of the facility.

Cleaner Air. The Killingly Energy Center will be one of the cleanest, most efficient natural gas power generation facilities in North America, utilizing state-of-the-art electric generation technology that will allow it to operate 25% more efficiently than the average electric generator in Connecticut. This means the project will displace the operation of older, higher-emitting oil and coal-fired plants that would otherwise be needed to meet regional energy demand, helping improve overall air quality in Connecticut and New England.

In fact, within a 100-mile radius of Killingly, over 4500 MW (seven power plants) of coal and oil generation are retiring, or at risk of retirement, thanks to cleaner, more efficient power generation sources in the region, like the Killingly Energy Center.

Community Infrastructure Improvements. As a part of the construction of the Killingly Energy Center, NTE will improve Killingly's critical infrastructure. From replacing older natural gas pipelines and connecting neighboring water systems to roadway enhancements, NTE will provide strong infrastructure improvements that will benefit the community and support future economic development. NTE will enhance the local infrastructure without increased demand for substantial community services like schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

Community Involvement. Our team is committed to serving and partnering with the local community. Upholding this commitment, our team will continue supporting, sponsoring and participating in local community events throughout the entire life of the project. Having already participated in the Red, White and Blue BBQ, the Tomato Festival, and Bike Night, the team looks forward to supporting various community events and programs. 

To read more information regarding the project, please visit the FAQs or Resources pages.